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2 in 1, 4 in 1

4 Listings

Rug within a rug


141 Listings

Arizona Motto: Ditat Deus (God Enriches)


27 Listings

Borders, pastel and earth tones, intricate design, complex center

Chief's Blanket

21 Listings

Red with black, grey and white designs


21 Listings

One of the original regional weaving styles, using striped or banded designs but borderless


36 Listings

One of the original regional weaving styles with borders, using pastel and earth tones, intricate design and complex center

Eye Dazzler

15 Listings

Optical rug using a heavily stacked and intricate design


4 Listings

Depicts flags of the U.S., other nations, states and tribes

Ganado Red

54 Listings

One of the original regional weaving designs using deep red background with black, white, or grey designs, and a dark border


14 Listings

Bright bold reds and colorful designs


17 Listings

Grey background, diamond in the center, dark border


7 Listings

Also known as Moki, long rug, very thin border, repeated linear lines

New Mexico

56 Listings

New Mexico Motto: Crescit eundo (It grows as it goes)


41 Listings

Open interpretation, usually contemporary or revival

Pictorial and Burnham

83 Listings

Depicts a story or observation or history

Raised Outline

9 Listings

Textured striped effect with raised borders

Saddle Blanket

5 Listings

First rugs produced by the Navajo, very durable, made primarily for horse riding


197 Listings

Home States and Current States of the Weavers


43 Listings

One of the original regional weaving styles with borders, with zigzags and contrasting patterns, steps, squares, lightning from corner boxes to middle of rug

Teec Nos Pos

37 Listings

Wide borders, intricate designs, tightly woven threads

The Weavers

377 Listings

Weavers of the Navajo Nation


2 Listings

Traditional and oldest saddle blanket design

Two Grey Hills

60 Listings

One of the original regional weaving styles with borders, using complex designs using assymetrical shapes, elaborate borders

Weaving Style

370 Listings

The Navajo people weave many styles of rugs that have evolved through the years. Some are more known than others, but this list includes the most used styles.

Wide Ruins and Pine Springs

23 Listings

New style, usually banded and borderless, earth colors

Women's Biil and Manta

9 Listings

Women's shoulder wrap, usually red with narrow grey and black designs

Ye'ii or Ye'ii Bicheii

38 Listings

Depicts Gods or Grandfather of the Gods

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